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Gyo is a manga series created by Junji Ito. The Story is about a fish who has legs are invading the whole world. There was also an Anime Adaption of Gyo. It was released in Febuary 15, 2012. However some characters are switched.

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- Tadashi
- The Main Character Of Gyo.

In the beginning it shows that he loves scuba. He has a girlfriend named Kaori and an uncle named Koyanagi. He noticed something was funny when Kaori said he had bad breath, although he brushes his teeth twice a day. He tries to save Kaori but in the end he fails to do so. He is trying to help with the fight against the creatures. At the end he joins a group of university students, who happens to be immune from the death stench, to create a vaccine to defeat the disease. He's the only survivor of the main characters and appears to be immune.

About Junji Ito

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Junji Ito (伊藤 潤二 Itō Junji?, born July 31, 1963) is a Japanese horror manga artist best known for his horror stories. Some of his most notable works includes a series of stories about Tomie, an immortal girl who drives her stricken admirers to madness, Uzumaki, a three-volume series about a town obsessed with spirals, and Gyo, a single-volume story where fish are controlled by a death stench.


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